About IPXP


Providing IPXP (In House Bank Payment) service that connects 55 countries around the world based on UAE!

There is no other company in the world that can offer this service except its partner, KPT General Trading L.L.C (Dubai, UAE).

IPXP (In House Bank Settlement), which is said to cost several hundred billion yen, is an in-company settlement system limited to shareholders.

Well-known companies already have in-house banking capabilities running at GE, Microsoft, Apple, Google and Panasonic.

Benefits of using IPXP (In House Bank payment) service

1. The UAE tax rate is applied for corporate tax.

Currently, corporate tax is exempt from taxation for some designated industries (foreign capital banking and petroleum-related companies). Sales tax, income tax and inheritance tax are levied in most countries of the world.

2. Use IPXP (In House Bank Payment) to transfer money to designated accounts worldwide.

3. The tax rate of the country to which the server belongs (UAE) is applied according to the Online Payment Act, which leads to an increase in profits for the introducing company.