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We recognize that too large a wealth gap is a hotbed of terrorism, and the lack of education for children and women is a major source of social instability.

In the right society, not raising children with hope for the future is something everyone knows they will miss.

There is a famous saying in Islamic society.

A hungry man who has no food and therefore steals something should not punish him. "

In other words, if this happens, it is a government failure that has created poverty in the people

To create a proper society, we must listen to the voices of the lower classes. Their voice is often useful for improving the political system.

Such efforts are necessary because the upper class of society cannot know all of the problems.

Muhammad Abdullah Al Otayba

55th year of development and operation of IPXP
(In House Bank settlement)

KPT General Trading L.L.C

Dubai is the ideal environment for the 2020 Expo.

Millions of tourists and businessmen visit Dubai every year. There is a strong economy and ample infrastructure.

I think that the aim of this country is to make use of these to make the Expo a success. In our country, the risk of terrorism is low and it is much safer, even if the surrounding countries are affected by terrorism.

We have friendly relations with almost every nation in the world.

KPT General Trading L.L.C Vice President

Abdullah Ahmed Attaibe